Vovinam Ten Principles

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1 ) Vovinam’s disciples: Promise to attain higher level of martial art in order to serve the people and humanity.

2 ) Vovinam’s disciples: Promise to be faithful with Vovinam and develop the young generation of Vovinam.

3 ) Vovinam’s disciples: Be unanimous in spirit and heart, respect the elder, love fellow peers.

4 ) Vovinam’s disciples: Respect discipline absolutely, maintain the higher honour of a martial art disciple.

5 ) Vovinam’s disciples: Have respect for other martial art schools, only use martial art skills for self defense and protect justice.

6 ) Vovinam’s disciples: Be studious, strengthen the mind, enrich the thought & behavior.

7 ) Vovinam’s disciples: Live simple, with chaste, loyalty and high mind.

8 ) Vovinam’s disciples: Build up a spirit of steely determination and vigor, overcome powers of violence.

9) Vovinam’s disciples: Make intelligent judgments, carry out struggles with perseverance and act with alertness.

10 ) Vovinam’s disciples: Be self-confident, self-controlled, modest, generous, critical with self for fur