The Chanbara

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Over thirty years ago Japanese martial artists and swordmasters came together and created a better training style.

The founder, Tanabe Tetsundo and his group of some of the strongest swordsmen in Japan called this new school of thought Goshindo, later nicknamed Chanbara.

These martial artists and masters were very traditional. They also knew that the times were changing and decided to educate today’s public in the way of the modern Japanese Samurai.

New materials made out of flexible plastics and the constant refining of swords for combat in the 21st century proved to bo a stroke of genius.

I believe that this sport essentially does not require referees.
If players would recognize the results of the game, frankly admit to being hit and defeated, and refreshingly admire each other, there is no need to be concerned with the results of the game.
That is to say “self judgement”. This is the judgement by the players towards themselves for their own sake.

And then, in the spirit, it breeds that one can be considerate towards one’s opponent, and that one can accept other people.
Selfawareness depends on the understanding of the importance of honesty. All the people in the world would like to promote mutual understanding as fast as possible. We are trying sincerely to achieve this.

By overcoming ethnic barriers and breaking the thick wall of racial color, people in the world are trying to create the mind of the World Citizen. Japanese are also participating in the process. by Tetsundo Tanabe

Sports Chanbara, called by it’s nickname “Spochan”, was born when a pamphlet was published in 1971(Showa 46) by Tetsundo Tanabe: the originator and current president. The theme of the pamphlet was The techniques developed essentially from self-defense.

The disciples were reared. And after two years, in 1973 the All Japan Goshindo Federation was inaugurated. Small scale competitions were held and informative activities were carried out. Now, the number of playing members has reached three hundred thousand, officially recognized instructors are about four thousand.

Sports Chanbara is being coached from Hokkaido to Kokinawa. Each association in various areas is becoming increasingly competent and holding their own competitions.

In 1926 the school of Toyama put together a comprehensive training program that would change the sword forever. This system could be taught very quickly to the officers of the Japanese imperial army. In the 1970’s japanese martial artists, and sword masters together created an of an offshoot of the above. Tanabe Tetsundo the new styles founder called this new school of weapontry Goshindo, later nicked Chanbara.

In the recent past there has been no easy, safe way to to fight with swords and weapons. Well not anymore! A new era in swordsmanship has begun. Through advances in technology action flex full contact weapons with their foam-like texture make weapons fighting safe and very realistic indeed. Not only is Chanbara fast, but heavy cumbersome equipment is not needed.