Stav Runes (Ur)

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Meaning: Aurochs (Wild Ox or Ur meaning primal, ochs meaning Ox)
Symbolises: Primal raw force of nature, very old, very strong.
Mythology: Vidar, second strongest, silent god.
Fylgja: Ox
Class: Herse
Tree: Oak
Plant: Plantain
Old Norwegian Rune Rhyme:
Slag is from bad iron
Oft runs the reindeer on the hard snow

This rune represents the primal energy and power. The rune poem suggest the working of iron to remove the slag, which is hard and brittle which make flaws in iron. The hard snow is the brittle crust frozen over the snow. The crust can be strong enough to walk on, however if it does not hold then there is no way of knowing what lies below.

If it gives way, and it often does, the animal, person, that is on it at the time may be injured from the fall and the sharp snow and be unable to climb out and therefore leaving them to the mercy of predators, starvation, or exposure. Ur suggests testing and refining, possibly to the point of destruction. There is a positive side to this rune, the suggestion of power and strength that results from the refining and testing process.

When this rune occurs it indicates a time of testing and purification that should be welcomed. It may not be enjoyed but it should be seen as growth and progress. Very little is know of Vidar, he is the son of Odin and the giantess Grid. His hall is Vidi, the twelfth enclosure of Asgard, a place of saplings and long grass.

Vidar comes into his own on the day of Ragnarock when he avenges his father by destroying the Fenris wold by ripping open the monster’s mouth using a boot made from the scraps of leather that cobblers throw away and his enormous strength. It is also predicted that he will be the ruler of the recreated world that will arise after Ragnarock. Ur suggests the strong silent hero who keeps his own counsel, fights and wins the ultimate conflict using other peoples cast offs and inherits the earth because he is blameless.