Stav Runes (Thor)

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Meaning: Thunder, war
Symbolises: Power, protection
Mythology: Thor
Fylgja: Goat
Class: Herse
Tree: Rowan
Plant: Burdock
Day: Thursday
Old Norwegian Rune Rhyme:
Thurs causes the (monthly) sickness of women;
Few are (sexually) aroused at that time.

Thor is a figure of much larger that life proportions and we do know a great deal about him from the mythology. He is depicted as a big, brawny, red head with a quick temper and slow wits. He is the defender of Asgard, his great strength and courage, and his formidable hammer, Mjollnir.

The rune represents a thorn, a sign of protection. The thorn is also a protection against complacency as anyone who has forgotten that they are gardening near thorn bushes will testify. Complacency is the greatest threat of all it, like the thorn, can cripple or disable the strongest man or animal. This is a rune of contradictions, the idea of strength being a weakness and the small and weak actually being very strong.

Being careful and aware can provide more protection that a dangerous weapon and heavy armour, especially if you don’t know how to use the weapon, personal injury is possible. Perhaps the most instructive stories about Thor are the ones that show that things are often not at all what they seem.

There is the account of Thor’s Utgard where he thinks he has been utterly humiliated but in fact has terrified the giants with his enormous strength as he took on impossible tasks. This rune can be apt to questions of personal happiness. Although everything seems to be fine and no reasons to be unhappy, there can still be problems hiding waiting to torment us. If these are not addressed then they can cause great pain. The thorn reminds us every day that eventually we must do what is right, because ultimately there is no peace until we face the truth.