Stav Runes (Sol)

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Meaning: The Sun
Symbolises: Peaceful Warrior
Mythology: Baldur – The God of Peace, son of Forsete – The God of Justice
Fylgja: The War Horse
Class: Herse
Tree: Oak
Plant: Camomile
Day: Sunday
Old Norwegian Rune Rhyme:
The sun us the light of the lands; I bow to the holiness.

This rune is associated with Baldur the most favoured of the gods, he is also the most tragic of the Aesir, struck down by Loki’s cruel deception and prevented from returning to Asgard before Ragnarock by the tricksters refusal to weep for him. The Sol rune suggests hope and success, the sun is shining on your endeavours and all is well.

It also warns of two things, firstly the goodness and beauty of Baldur that make Loki jealous and hateful of him, and lead to his death and delayed resurrection despite the efforts of the Aesir. Secondly, because he was considered so important the rest of the Aesir took great steps to protect him leading him to believe that he was invulnerable, which made it simple for him to be killed.

Sol reminds us that even when everything seems to be so much in our favour that nothing can possibly go wrong, evil may be more determined than ever to destroy us. The illusion of invulnerability leads you to stop looking around and stop thinking about the problems that may present them selves. This rune still has great potential for good though, if complacency does not cloud your judgement then the future should still be bright.