Stav Runes (Nod)

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Meaning: (in) Need (of help), Crisis
Symbolises: Fate, compulsion
Mythology: The Three Norns, Urd (Crone), Vardande (Mother), Skuld (Maiden)
Fylgja: Urd – Owl, Vardande – Spider, Skuld – Carrion Crow
Class: None
Tree: Alder, Willow, Elm
Plant: Dandelion, Nettle, Rasberry
Old Norwegian Rune Rhyme:
Need makes for a difficult situation; The naked freeze in the frost.

The nod rune suggests need or hunger. It is not a comfortable rune as the rhyme suggests. It is not a sign of disaster, but an indicator of problems which must be faced up to and resolved. The big danger is complacency and procrastination of putting off what should be dealt with.

The English saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” and the Scandinavians more picturesque saying “The frost teaches a naked woman how to weave” both tell us that if something must be done a way will be found. This can of course be ignored which is where the second line of the rhyme shows. If you don’t learn to weave you will die from cold.

The nod rune represents the Three Norns, their role is to water the roots of Yggdrasil and weave the web of wyrd (fate) that governs each persons life from their birth to their death. The web can be thought of as being created as we lead our lives. All of the treads of the possible futures we create by our decisions being pulled together in to the present.

The present also effects the future as our decisions will only allow certain possibilities, some choices would only occur if others had been made. You could not shoot someone unless you had picked up the gun. The process of making the decisions and working with your own web of wyrd to gain all from this life, is what makes us fully human. Giving up and letting fatalism rule or trying to block the path will only lead to disaster.