Stav Runes (Is)

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Meaning: Ice
Symbolises: Winter, the hunt
Mythology: Skadi (The Ice Queen of Hans Christian Anderson)
Fylgja: Polar Bear, Arctic fox, Ptarmigan
Class: Yarl
Tree: Juniper
Plant: Mugwort
Old Norwegian Rune Rhyme:
Ice we call the broad bridge; The blind need to be led.

Is can indicate wide open possibilities, so wide open in fact that guidance is needed to avoid getting completely disorientated. Is is however a neutral rune, neither indicating good or bad but rather a state of stasis. This can suggest a cooling off period, time for reflection before a decision.

It can also suggest a problem which has been suppressed for a great period of time, this can be a root cause of a trauma or some outdated dogma or prejudice that should be thrown out. The rune rhyme suggest ice as a bridge and in the winter the rivers and fjords freeze and it is possible to cross them using motor vehicles.

This can be very useful but there are pitfalls, the ice can give way, or the traveller can become disorientated and lose their way on the featureless ice plain. Is is associated with Skadi the daughter of Thiassi, a frost giant. She threatened a terrible revenge on the Aesir for killing her father and was offered marriage by one of the Aesir. She could choose any one she wished however she was only allowed to see their feet.

Hoping she would choose Baldur she choose what she thought were his feet, but were instead that of Niord. They were very happy together, but neither could live in the others home, she missed the mountains too much and he the sea. Is can also suggest a thing in the wrong place. Is this person , this thing, in a place where it belongs and can flourish? It also can suggest living with the consequences of the choices we make.