Stav Runes (Bjork)

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Meaning: Female energies
Symbolises: Magic
Mythology: Frigg, wife of Odin, Queen of Heaven
Fylgja: Cuckoo and Hare
Class: All
Tree: Birch
Plant: Flax
Old Norwegian Rune Rhyme:
Birch twig is the limb greenest with leaves; Loki brought the luck of deceit.

This is the symbol of Frigg, Odin’s second wife and mother of Baldur. It is also the symbol of the birch tree, the first tree to show its leaves in spring time and apparently the first to re-establish itself on the barren landscape left by retreating glaciers. Bjork is the symbol of family life and childbirth and is the female counter point to Tyr.

It represents female energies in both the positive and negative aspects. This rune suggests matters relating to marriage, children, and family life in general. It would tend to suggest a successful and fruitful union is likely. It is also symbolic of a mothers love, care, and devotion. But as with all things these need to be kept in balance. Frigg was so devoted to her son Baldur that she became over protective.

When it was prophesied that Baldur would suffer a premature death she resolved to do everything within her considerable power to protect him. She persuaded everything, animal, vegetable, and mineral to take an oath not to harm her son. Baldur believing his mother capable of such a feet, considered himself to be invulnerable and became the focus of games that involved attacking him with all manner of lethal objects.

It was this seemingly innocent pastime which gave Loki his opportunity to have Baldur killed with a mistletoe dart, the one thing in all creation the Frigg had overlooked. Bjork can suggest an over protective mother figure who believes that her love is so strong that it can change the Orlog (Fate) for her offspring. It also warns that even the powers of female persuasion, intuition, and capacity for self sacrificial love have their limits.