Stav Runes (Ar)

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Meaning: A good year, Fertile land.
Symbolises: Plenty, the Earth
Mythology: Jord, the mother of Thor
Fylgja: Honey Bee
Class: Karl
Tree: Holly
Plant: Bilberry
Old Norwegian Rune Rhyme:
A good harvest is the profit of men; I say the Lord was generous.

Ar is the flip side of nod, the shape being this as well. Nod is the need, the necessity, the hunger that leads to the planting of the seeds before the coming of winter, Is. Ar is the harvest, the gathering, the reaping of the harvest. Ar is associated with the Jord, the earth Goddess, Odin’s first wife and the mother of Thor.

As Frey represents the cattle and live stock Jord represents the fruits, vegetable, and grain crops. The fruits of the earth that must be nurtured and cared for to collect the reward. This rune suggests a beneficial pay off for labours undertaken. The relationship between Odin and Jord produced Thor, the bravest, strongest, and most respected of the Aesir. It can also represent a repetitive, trapped cycle that needs to be broken out of.

The fylgja being the honey bee shows this as an insect that works hard providing for the hive, but in the process works itself to death and never breaks out and shows itself as an individual. There is also the association with the Earth Mother, the most powerful agent we have to contend with. She will care and provide for us our whole life if we nurture and tend her, however with neglect and abuse she like us will wither and die.