Sindo is a modern form of Indonesian silat which is a combination of practical self defence, combat martial art and the internal martial arts. Founded and lead by Kak Jimmy Thaibsyah who has trained in various martial arts since 1972. Thaibsyah studied with the founder of Kateda and the two arts are similar but nonetheless distinct. Sindo has avoided the notoriety of Kateda.

Jimmy Thaibsyah is the Founder and Guru Besar of Sindo. He has been training and teaching martial arts for more than 37 years where his recruits have included Indonesian military : Paswalpres, Kopassus, CPM (military police) and Indonesian Air Force. Now resident in UK, Jimmy focuses his guidance towards British military and police.

SINDO Organisation provide Corporate Training Programmes to companies who wish to enter a business contract of typically one year duration.

These companies can see the benefits of the programme as the absenteeism record is reduced as a result of enhanced health of the employees participating in the Corporate Training Programme. Stress levels in the workplace will be markedly reduced and productivity enhanced.

As the lifestyle of the affluent society changes and takes in interest in health issues, SINDO recognizes the need to offer one-to-one personal training for individual clients. An assessment is made of the client’s needs and a training programme is designed accordingly.

This could include the SINDO Breathing System, practical self defence, body conditioning and keep fit. A SINDO Master of IV Dan or higher will be assigned to the programme then guide the client through the training programme in surrounding familiar to the client.