Real Aikido

Real Aikido is a martial art developed by Ljubomir Vračarević, a self-defence instructor from Serbia. It is a mixture of aikido, judo and jujutsu techniques, with some modifications made by Vračarević.

Real aikido is a defence techniques system (empty-handed, as well as defense against weapons such as knife, pistol, etc.) derived from Vračarević’s experience as a bodyguard, military and police instructor.  It consists of, aikido, judo and jujutsu, techniques simplified so that they are easily taught in security and self-defence courses. Vracarevic’s Bodyguard school is officially certified by the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA).

From 2005 Real Aikido was included in elementary school curriculum in Serbia as elective subject. In 2003, Real Aikido was recognized by United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame (USMAA).

In October 2007 World Center of Real Aikido took part in organization of the 1st European Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

United States Center of Real Aikido is member of International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association (ICMAUA). The curriculum itself is mainly based on a general aikido curriculum, with a kyu/dan system of grading.

Controversy over Name: There is a substantial amount of controversy regarding the name of this martial art, and the essence of the art itself. Despite its referring to the Japanese martial art, Real Aikido is not recognised by any important and relevant international or Japanese Aikido organization.

What worsens the situation is the derogatory views towards “traditional” aikido he often expresses in the media and public in general. This self-serving behaviour has led to bitter relationships with neighboring aikido groups demanding, because of afore mentioned reasons, that the word “Aikido” be left out of the name of this martial art.

Real aikido is first and only Serbian ultimate self-defense martial arts. Real Aikido is efficient, widely applicable self-defense skill, derived from traditional aikido and jujitsu. The founder of Real Aikido is Grand Master Ljubomir Vracarevic, holder of the black belt, 10th Dan, professor of Real Aikido and Ju-jitsu.

Ljubomir Vracarevic Real Aikdo Founder

Thanks to his long experience acquired and improved by continuous contact with first-class Japanese masters of this skill, master Vracarevic distinguished several thousand techniques, purified them, reformed their elements, introducing in his own knowledge from other fighting skills, creating a new style Real Aikido – extremely efficient and flexible system of defense techniques.

Flexibility of Real Aikido is just one of its most important characteristics. Putting together different techniques according to the real situation, maximal efficiency is achieved. Transition from one to another technique is simple, and only knowledge and skill will determine which elements someone will use. These unlimited possibilities of combining, enable multiple applies of Real Aikido.

There is no age limit in practicing Real Aikido. This skill is very convenient for the adults’ recreation and it also effects decidedly on children’s psycho-physical development and mobility. Real Aikido is especially suitable for body guards and special military and police units training. In this field, Grand Master Vracarevic has achieved unique results … body guards training of the President of Zimbabwe, Mr. Robert Mougabe, the President of Libya, Mr. Mohamar Gaddafy, the Russian police special units “Alpha” and “Cobra”. Grand Master Ljubomir Vracarevic is Major-General in Russian Army and one of main defense and intelligence instructors. Shihan, Vladimir Djordjevic is tactical instructor for numerous units and agencies world wide.

Vladimir Djordjevic: Vladimir Djordjevic was born on January 23, 1973 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He holds 6.DAN in Real Aikido & Jujitsu, 7th Degree Black Belt in AikiJujitsu and 6. DAN in Daito-Ryu-Aiki-Bujicu. Vladimir started Karate training at the age of seven under the instruction of his late father. At the age of thirteen he starts training in Taekwondo with the teacher Vlada Savic. During that time he is active in European handball playing for his elementary and high school and later for his city team and professionally for “IMR- Rakovica” BG, & “Partizan”- Belgrade.

Real Aikdo Logo

In late eighties he becomes focused only on Martial Arts starting with Full Contact and Savate Box, while in early nineties he becomes focused on Kickboxing and Thai box. He becomes a member of state team Red Star, Belgrade, coached by Neven Dondur and Nebojsa Milosevic. During this period he competes in many Kickboxing championships.

Vladimir serves army from March 1991 to May 1992. First six months he is in army police force, but for the reminding time he is a part of Anti-terrorist-diversant force. During this time, together with his superiors he trainees other soldiers in martial arts. Besides Kickboxing, Savate and Thai box with which he has already mastered he come in contact with Aikido, JuJitsu and Judo.

After the army, he returns as a team member of Red Star, Belgrade. In 1993 he opens his own school for Kickboxing, together with Kickboxing Federation of Yugoslavia he organizes State Junior Championship in Kickboxing. During this time he gets introduced to Grand Master Ljubomir Vracarevic owner of aikido school in Vracar, Belgrade. He becomes a major turning influence in Vladimir’s outlook on martial arts. Vladimir becomes more aware of importance of self defense presented in Aikido and JuJitsu. In the same year Ljubomir Vracarevic opens a school for new form of aikido called Real Aikido. This form focused on using highly flexible and wildly incorporated set of self-defense techniques taken from the knowledge of Japanese sensei’s, excluding the elements of religion and philosophy. Using this as a base and adding the elements from different martial arts techniques Ljubomir formed a style that Vladimir will devote himself to completely.

Vladimir started training under Ljubomir Vracarevic, his talent obvious from the beginning. That’s why soon after, under the supervision of his trainer, because of high popularity of Real Aikido, Vladimir opened his own school for real aikido called “School of Real Aikido Djordjevic”.

Immediately after opening sensei Zoran Petkovic becomes a main instructor, while Vladimir and Nikola Ognenov become his assistants. During this whole time Vladimir still trainees in World Center of Real Aikido under sensei Ljubomir Vracarevic. He attained his master title in 1997 in Real Aikido.

In 1998 he comes to West Palm Beach, Florida. Immediately he starts training in the academy of Mat Birov (five times undefeated championship in Open style: KickBoxing, ThaiBox, Judo, JuJitsu). After couple months of training Vladimir becomes an instructor in the same academy. In 1999 Vladimir has a match with Mat in open style. After 48 minutes of fighting the match was pronounced “No Winner”.

After the match Mat announced:” I thought that because of his speed and powerful low kick, if I knock him down on the floor I will win, but once we were down on the floor I couldn’t get him of me”.

At the end of 1999 Vladimir moved to Chicago where he continued his training in several clubs throughout the area. He focuses mainly on his own advancement, mostly in club “Shidokan Karate USA”. In January of 2001 he opened his own school “Ultimate Martial Arts Academy”. In June 2002 under the guidance of his sensei Ljubomir Vracarevic, Vladimir opened first school of Real Aikido in America called ” United States Center of Real Aikido “.