Ninjutsu Weapons

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The secret assassins of ancient Japan. Ninja were trained in assassination, espionage, and a wide variety of martial arts. Shinobi-no-mono, meaning those that practice ninjutsu, can be translated to mean “to steal away”, “the skill of going unperceived”, or “one skilled in the art of stealth”. The ninja stealth tactics were devised and honed to defeat the well trained samurai.

Are you trying to learn ninjutsu – the art of Japan’s ancient shadow warriors – the Ninja? I can understand why. The art of ninjutsu, as a composite martial art, is arguable the most complete system of, not only combat but, living successfully and naturally, that has ever been created.

But, the way that ninjutsu approaches combat still seems to be a mystery, even to most of those who practice it. One reason for this is the tendency to try to apply conventional knowledge, wisdom, and methods when trying to understand how and why we approach any given subject.

The fact is that, to learn ninjutsu, you need a mentor who has been initiated and guided through the training of mind, body, and spirit trainings by another master teacher – one carrying the secrets that have been passed down through the centuries.

One of these secrets centers around how a true ninja sees his weapons. And, while it’s true that the ninja has more weapons than you can imagine, the way he thinks about and relates to the very concept of weapons is beyond the normal scope of most martial artists.

You see, rather than classify weapons by name (i.e. Sword, staff, kyoketsu-shoge, etc.), the true ninja categorizes weapons by type. This system of putting like weapons into a class or category, allows the ninja to see beyond the form of any given weapon, and to even “borrow” the lessons from one tool, and apply it to others.

Pictures Name What it is?
Ninja-to The ninja sword. Not use as much as we think.Samurai we’re a lot better swordman than ninjas but ninjas we’re able to use every tricks possible to killed them…
Shurikens (also none as ninja stars) Very simple sharp metal stars used as a diversion or as a  weapon.
Kusara Kama A 2′ hidden hard chain into a sharp hook called a Kama.
Shogei A very used ninja weapon. It’s mostly a knife with a hook tied to a 10′ chain with a metal circle at the end.
Grappling Hook Use like a regular climbing rope.
Hand Claw (Shuko) Mostly a climbing tools but very deadly against enemie and a great way to block a katana.
Foot Spike (Ashiko) Use to climb most of the time.Sometime it was used to kick but rarely. It was tied on the tabi boots.
Tanto The original ninja knife.
Tetsu Bishi (spikes) Irregular metal spikes. very dangerous on the ground.
Shakens (Also none as throwing darts) Come in a lot of different styles. It was easy to hide and deadly most of the time.
We could say that shakens were small knifes or spikes.
Manriki Mostly a choking weapon.Ninja were using it like a throwing chain. They were able to make it roles around your neck so that you couldn’t breed or around your legs etc…
Manriki gusari A bigger version of the Manriki. It was mostly a defensive weapon. To block sword or to choke too.
Smoke Bomb Made popular in the movies.They were made of gun powder mixed with different things.
Nunchaku A basic two wood or metal stick tied together with a chain.
Tonfas Use by cops too. Great weapon not too deadly but a great knock out method.
Sais Very old weapon. Usualy made very heavy with hard steel. Now lighter and nicer. Made very popular by (Raphael in the ninja turtles)
Kamas Hard curved blade into a metal stick or a wood stick. It’s was design on a bigger version of it. A tool use to cut grass!
Bow  and arrow I think you already know what it is. So I’ll skip that one.
Blow gun and darts Originaly made of a Bamboo stick.Blow gun were use sometimes to get a target without been notice.
Mostly the darts were diped into some poison.
Bo A regular hard wook 30″ stick. Use in a lot of different ways.Ninja were using this weapon mostly when it was on the ground or in real need. They were expert in a lot of weapons and this one was in it .
Uniform Famous ninja uniform.It was made in so many different color (black,white,army style,brown etc…) The uniform is perfect I could say. The legs are tied under the knees and near the ankle.The arms come separated and the forearms are tied to the fingers. The mask come in two pieces,a regular one and a second one over it. Inside the uniform there’s a secret pocket.
Tabi boots The famous two toes boots.It was made that way for many different reason. Mostly to be more able to climb.
Tabi socks Trust me. It’s very uncomfortable without socks.So these socks already have two toes design so it just make it easier to wear.