Muay Thai Attack

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The sport differs from international-style boxing in several ways. International boxing allows the use of only the fists, and blows ‘below the belt or to the kidney area are illegal as are certain kinds of punches. In Muay Thai, the fighters are allowed to do almost anything so long as they don’t cover their opponent’s face with their gloves or poke their opponent’s eyes with their fingers. This makes it a more dangerous sport for the participants, but much more exciting for the Thai spectators .

Before every match, the two fighters dance around the ring to special boxing music. The music pervades the entire event, both uplifting and following the mood of the evening. The dance is called the ‘Raam Muay’ or ‘Wai Kru’ and is intended to honor and pay respect to the boxer’s trainer, his religion, family, sport and the ‘fighting spirits’ . Gamblers and spectators say that they can tell how a fighter will do in the ring simply by watching how he performs the ‘Raam Muay’.

Chok (Punch): Punch is the most weapon that easy to control if compare to other weapons which useing other part of the body. In Muay Thai we use the lowest nuckles to inpact a punch and also, the powerful punch will come if you combine forces of shoulder, hip and foot to put additional power of punch.

straight_punchStraight Punch(Mud Trong)
In Muay Thai, we use straight punch mainly to attack oponent’s facial area such as chin, nose and mouth. To increase the effectiveness of the punch, use the nuckle to attack the opponent as well as twisting the shoulders.

hook_punchHook (Mud Wiang San)

Hook mainly used to attack side facial area such temple nose and ear. To do the hook you need to bending elbow a bit, then using the back of the nuckle to attack. To increase the effectiveness of the hook, use the same technique as do the straight punch by twisting the shoulders.

Uppercut (Mud Seuy)
Uppercut punch mainly target to attack chin and stomach. When do the uppercut you should bend the knee and the elbow a bit, then make a ounch vertically to attack opponent. Uppercut will be used effectively when opponent is very close or when they are stooping, but sometimes, it is also possible to attack by knee kick instead of uppercut.

Jumping Punch (Kra Dod Chock): The jump punch can be used when you are in mid-air. The power of the whole body will go into the punch so it can bring more powerful attack than normal punch. Only one weakness of the jump punch is opponent will immediately attack when you landing and losing the balance.

Spining Punch (Mud Wiang Klab): Spinning punch could be done when you have missed the first kick by turning around and swing the fist to attack the target.

Tae (Kick): Tae is vary commonly use in competition, due to its power that may give the opponent knock outin one shot. Normally, we use only some part of lower leg from shin to foot to kick. However, use shin to kick is much more powerful than using foot, but its disadvantage is opponent can grab your leg easier and attack. Variety of Muay Thai kicks are described below:

side_kickSide kick or Round kick (Tae Tad)
Tae Tad are commonly used in Muay Thai as they are very easy to control and we can maintain the balance after the kick to defend opponent’s strike back. Tae Tad can be done by swing the leg to attack the target, and in the same time, your hip should also be twisted in the same direction of the swing.

diagonal_kickDiagonal kick (Tae Chiang)
The main target of the diagonal kick is to attack lower rib-cage and we normally use shin to attack. The kick can be done by swing leg diagonally upwards to attack against the target.

hook_kickHook kick or Down round kick (Tae Kod)
Hook kicks are also commonly used due to its full of power, which more than side kick or diagonal kick. This is because when you kick, your hip and body will fully twisted in the same direction of the swing, which will increase the power of the kick. The hook kick can be used to attack opponent when he is ducking down or in the lower position. However, the major disadvantage of the hook kick is if you miss the target, you may totally lost the balance and give a chance to opponent to strike back.

Tee Sork (Elbow Strike): It seems that the elbow strike is very unique weapon that make Muay Thai different from other martial arts sports. Elbow strike in Muay Thai can give very severe injuries to the opponent as it will be used to attack when opponent is closer distance and the major tarket of elbow strike are generally head facial area including jaw, temple, neck and so on. Using elbow strike is very flexible, you can move or swing elbow in any direction to attack, both vertically and horizontally but different method will give different impact to the attack.

The Elbow slash (Sork Tee)
elbow_slashThe Elbow slash generally be used when we want to attack the upper part of facial area such as forehead, eye and nose. It can be done by swing the elbow diagonally downward, normally in 45 degree angle (like a “slash” sign) to attack the target. Unlike We normally can not use the elbow slash to attack alone as we need to get close to opponent enough to attack. The elbw slash will be used effectively when we want to response to opponent’s knee-kick.

The Horizontal Elbow (Sork Tad)
horizontal_elbowIt is quite similar to the elbow slash technique. The diffrent is only wee have to swing the elbow horizontally, paralel to the ground. However, you need to make sure that you must stand firmly when attack, because attacking with full power, you may need to twist to shoulder and hip along with the elbow swing and this will make you losing balance easily.

uppercutThe Uppercut Elbow (Sork Ngad)
The uppercut elbow can be done by swing the elbow diagonally upwards to attack target especially chin. This technique requires speed when using it, which means you have to do it as quickly as you can. However, in the competition, some boxers avoide to use it, but use horizontal elbow or elbow slash instead.

spinningThe Spinning Elbow (Sork Glab)
The spinning elbow technique is quite different from other elbow technique. As you have to turn the body around to generate the elbow strike. To do the spinning elbow, we generally use the rear elbow to attack and make sure that you will always look at you opponent while turning the body around and making the elbow strike.

Tee Khao (Knee-Kick): The knee kick can be done by raising the knee to attack which may a bit harder for beginners because this requires proper balance maintain when attack. The main characteristic of using knee-kick is you gnerally have to be at close-quarter with opponent, but sometimes we can use knee kick to attack opponent while you are in long range such as flying knee kick.

In most case, to use knee kick, you have to try to grab the opponent’s neck, in order to “lock” and attack. However, when you do the clinch and knee kick, you may be attacked by opponent’s elbow strike, as some time you may lose your concentration and defense.

knee_kick1The Straight Knee-kick (Khao Trong)
To do straight knee-kick, you just simly grab the opponent’s neck with two hands and raise the knee straightly to attack the target. However, try to grab your opponent’s neck is not easy if you fight with experienced boxer. Also, as I mention above, you must always be careful of your opponent attack by use the elbow. Straight knee-kick is generally target to body, stomach and you can not knee-kick to the opponent’s groin as it is against the rule.

diagonal knee kickThe Diagonal Knee-kick (Khao Chiang)
To do diagonal knee-kick, it is quite similar as doing straight knee kick. Try to grab opponent’s neck with two hands, but raising knee to attack in different direction, diagonally. By using the diagonal knee kick, we intend to target to the thigh, rib, and side of the body, which the straight knee kick can not reach these targets.

horizontal knee kickThe Horizontal Knee-kick (Khao Chiang)
The horizontal knee-kick is slighly different from both knee kicks I mentioned above as we will grab the opponent’s neck with only one hand and the other hand remain guard. Then swing the knee horizontally, moves parallel to the ground to attack the target and when you do the attack, twisting the hip in the same direction of knee kick will increase power of the attack. Make sure you always keep the other hand guarding your chin.

knee slapThe Knee-slap (Khao Tob)
The knee-slap is one of the weapon that are most-used in Muay Thai competition. In my feeling, the knee-slap may not be one of the most powerful and dangerous weapon to knock out, but it is a good to be used to collect points. However, in the real fight (self-defence situation), the knee-slap also may not a good option to use. The target of the knee-slap are generally trunk and ribs and to do this, grab opponent’s neck tightly with both hands, raising the knee to attack be using the inner part of the knee joint to slap on the target.

step up knee kickThe Step-up Knee-kick (Khao Yieb)
This technique is quite difficult to do as it require more skill as well as the right time to do. To do this kind of knee kick, you have to use lead leg to step on the opponent’s thigh and riase your body up then thrust the knee of other leg to attack the target, which mainly are facial area and chin. It’s quite rare to see any of boxer in sport boixg use this thechnique, but if you have a chance to do this, it may be the most poweeful knee-kick technique among them all.

Foot-Thrust or “Push Kick”(Theep): To describe the foot-thrust weapon, it is the method of bend at the knee, then quickly extending your leg to use foot or heel to attack the target. “Theep” weapons are different from any other Muay Thai weapons in terms of objective to use. Foot-thrust will be mainly used as offensive technique to block the opponent’s attack. The foot-thrust also use for make the opponent off balance and take a chance to attack. It is quite rare to see boxers use the foot-thrust agressively as a deadly weapon to knock out, but using foot-thrust frist then follow by kick or other weapon quickly maybe the good practice to learn. Becareful when you launch the foot-thrust, make sure you pull your leg back as quickly as you can before the opponent can grab your leg and counter attack when you are off balance!! Variety of Muay Thai foot thrust strike are described below

The Straight Foot-thrust (Theep Trong): This technique is quite straight forward to do nad use, you just to bend the knee joint and then thrust the foot quickly to attack the tatget. the target are vary from face, chest, abdomen and down to the lap. Also you can use different part of the foot to attack the target such as toes (theep Jik) and heel (Theep Yan) and you need to find out which method is fit you the best.

The Sideways Foot-thrust (Theep Khang): The usage of sideway foot-thrust is similar to the straight foot-thrust but sideways will be used when you are in the position turn the side of the body facing the opponent. However, using the sideways foot-thrust, you need to becareful of maintain the balance when you turn the side to opponent. The sideways foot-thrust generally be counter-attacked by side lower kick to your leg.