Moo Duk Kwan Flag

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Kwan Gi – The Moo Duk Kwan flag (Kwan Gi) represents the organisation or style of the martial art, Soo Bahk Do. It has both physical and philosophical significance in our training.

Fist – Gold colour, the Soo Bahk Do fist stands for justice, honour and unity bearing strength.

Leaves – The 14 leaves on each side of the wreath represent the 14 provinces of Korea and it also represents peace. the berries represent the six major continents, a fruitful result of training and the colour (red) come from the Yang.

Scroll – The blue scroll at the bottom of the flag stands for knowledge. In the Grandmaster’s words, “the martial artist should also be a scholar”. The colour (blue) comes from the Um.

Characters – The Chinese characters in the scroll are:

Left – Soo meaning hand in Chinese, indicating the Chinese influence.

Right – Bahk from Soo Bahk meaning thrust or attack indicating the Korean heritage of our style.

Centre – Moo meaning martial or military, although this is a composite of stop and sword or fighting. This symbol represents that the central purpose of Soo Bahk Do is to stop fighting between people and even to resolve conflict within ourselves.