Liu Bo

Liu-Bo is an Italian martial art that has its origins from Sicily. The Sicilian name “Paranza” is the name of the staff and gave the name to this martial arts in Sicily. The art of the paranza, that is the wielding of a staff to attack or defend, was handed on from father to son in Sicily.

A lot of shepherds were masters of this art, and usually would challenge each other to resolve honor related questions. In these last years the rules have been codified by the CSEN (Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale) making it become an official sport in Italy.

The Liu-bo (only Italian sport) derives from the Sicilian baton, technique of defense and offense with the baton handed down by father in child for by oral and secret estate from some old ones that before dying they left herin inheritance to their favorite. In the last centuries, they started to be born the first clandestine schools and the first various methods. Among the most known they were her “fiorata”, her “wisecrack”, her “rotated” that I believe they were inspired today still to the show of the pupis alive in Sicily.

The old teachers decided to teach, only and exclusively to her own students, some of such techniques, the famous secret hit always reserving himself/herself/itself that you/they would eventually have been able to also use against the students. All these techniques him lawns – they extract with a knotty baton, select among various wild plants: bitter orange tree, olive tree, sorb tree, gnawed her/it, etc. Says baton it was long four palms and a half.

In this to evolve some art of the baton, in Sicily, it was verified really an approach between the aristocratic class and that worker; the humble shepherd, the farmer or the laborer it taught the techniques to the baron or to the rider of the epoch, that served against the numerous knives that then often in the aggressions you/they were used in Sicily; this way the baron with the classical cane from walk, then of fashion, it was always able to defend from the attacks of the malandrinis.

The Staff: The staff is made of olive, bitter orange or sorbo wood and can be wielded with one or two hands.

Hittable body parts: The parts of the body that can be hit are the head, the neck, the shoulders, the arms, the legs. The chest is the only body part that can be hit with the point of the staff.

Match rules, points and information: Hitting the opponent in the groin will cause the disqualification of the fighter, meanwhile speaking, insulting, adopting a defensive style of fight will give a point to the opponent. A match can finish by disqualification, time limit or Clean Hit. In case of a Time Limit finish the winner is the fighter that has more points.

Hit: The hit awarded to a fighter when he hits the opponent to the legs, arms, chest and shoulders. One point is added to his score.

Clean Hit: The Clean hit is awarded to a fighter that hits the opponent to the head or the neck. After a Clean hit the fight finishes because in real “Paranza” fights a head or neck shot could knock unconscious or even kill the opponent.

Dressing: The fighter wears a helmet with ear protections, a shirt with stuffed protection on the chest, shoulders and flanks, Trousers with colored belts based on their degree, white socks and shoes with ankle protection. On the shirt near the left shoulder there is printed the Liu-Bo Coat of Arms. During a fight the two opponents wear one a red and one a white strip to distinguish each other.

Area of Competition: The area of competition will be of 8×8 metres plus 2 metres of protection area. The surface of fight will be delimited by a red strip of the width of 1 metre, being part of the area of fight.