Lerdrit is a Thai form of martial arts taught, and used by the Royal Thai Army. Without utilizing fists, but instead open hands, it is basically a modified version of Muay Thai. Forward pressure, kicks, knees, locking, grappling and elbows are all major concepts in Lerdrit.

This form relates more to Muay Boran, the predecessor of Muay Thai. Lerdrit is similar to Muay Boran with its use of palm strikes, elbows and clinch fighting, the art of grappling from a standing position.

Muay Lerdrit or more commonly known as Lerdrit is a Thai martial art that resembles Muay Thai; the most prominent difference between the two is that Lerdrit uses an open hand instead of a clenched fist. This martial art emphasizes forward pressure, kicks, knees, locking, grappling and elbow strikes.

Its main principle is to get the opponent off-balance fast in order to crush him with the most powerful strikes, which Lerdrit practitioners believe to be knees and elbows. Unlike most Thai arts, the training includes smashing bricks and concrete tiles. It is practiced by the Royal Thai Army as a form of combat and self-defence.