Kuk Sool Won Weapons

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There are 24 weapons in the Kuk Sool Won curriculum including Buddhist and Tribal weaponry.

  1. Gum (Sword)
  2. Jung Gum (Straight Sword – 37 inches)
  3. Dan Gum (Short Sword)- About one-third the size of a standard sword.
  4. Kal Gum (Knife)
  5. Dan Do Knife or Short Sword
  6. Wol Do Halberd (Moon Knife)
  7. Do Kki Battle Axe
  8. Bu Chae (Fan)– The fan skeleton is made of metal plates.
  9. Ji Pang Ee (Walking Cane)
  10. Po Bak (Rope)
  11. Jool Bong (Flail, Jointed Staff) — More commonly known as nunchucks.
  12. Dan Bong Short Staff
  13. Jung Bong Middle Staff
  14. Jang Bong (Long Staff)
  15. Chang Spear
  16. Gung Si Bow & Arrow
  17. Gung Sool Archery
  18. Kuk (Sool) Gung Traditional Korean Archery (utilizing a “thumb” draw)
  • A number of weapon variations are taught, including (but not limited to):
  1. Inverted long sword
  2. Double long sword
  3. Double short sword
  4. Sword cutting ( bamboo & rolled mats)
  5. Sword sparring
  6. Knife throwing
  7. Double short staff
  8. Staff sparring