I Liq Chuan Mind Body Art

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I Liq Chuan (Mind Body Art): I Liq Chuan is a relatively new Chinese Martial Art founded by its current Grand Master, Chin Lik Keong of Malaysia. As a system of Neijia Gung Fu, I-Liq Chuan emphasizes the development of internal power through mental attitude and awareness. His son Master Sam F.S. Chin introduced it to the USA.

I-Liq Chuan (literally translated as Mental-Physical Martial Art) is an art of cultivating consciousness based on Tai Chi and Chan (Zen) principles of non-assertion, non-resistance, harmony of yin and yang, oneness and the present moment. In the universe all things are created by conditions and function through the energy of yin and yang. The whole universe has yin and yang energy.

When yin and yang energy is balanced, they are harmonized. Students are taught the art through philosophy and a series of exercises in order to learn to recognize and discipline the inner energy flow (Chi). Developing this art benefits the whole nervous and intrinsic systems and brings total control, harmony and awareness to the mind and body.

I Liq Chuan Symbol

By understanding the harmony (yin and yang) of the body, recognizing the limits of the structure, the movement in each of the three dimensional planes of cycles, the student transforms this internal energy into internal power, accumulating Chi which propels the appropriate natural body movements. I-Liq Chuan makes you aware of your strength, its limits, and the best use of your strength for self-defense.

As a system of Kung Fu, I-Liq Chuan emphasizes the development of internal power through mental attitude and awareness. The training develops stic king and merging abilities, circular spiral energy, Chin Na, F’a Jing, Chi Kung, and most importantly, integration of the mind’s complete awareness in the present moment –be it in daily life or any situation. The “inner feel” is cultivated first, and then the appropriate external movement is merely an expression of the developed “inner feel”.

Practitioners of I-Liq Chuan integrate this art into their daily lives to maintain their awareness by not hurting themselves or others. The awareness developed reveals the nature of everything. Thus, the student understands cause and effect in life and has the ability to maintain the “right understanding” in all situations. Right mindfulness is the mental state of being neutral, formless, and in the present. It is a state (Wu Chi) of being emotionless and unattached to but being aware of the physical world.

Fifteen Basic Exercises: These constitute the foundation of the learning process if I Liq Chuan:

1 ) Mechanism of the Body’s Movement
2 ) Three Dimensional Planes
3 ) Energy Force of Yin and Yang
4 ) Standing Meditation
5 ) Breathing Exercises
6 ) Footwork
7 ) Kicking
8 ) Power Training

1) The 21 Movement Form
2) The Butterfly Form which contains “Fa Jing” or explosive actions.

Partner Training:
1) Spinning Hands
2) Sticky Hands
3) Chin-na
4) Sanshou

I-Liq Chuan is a style of Kung Fu based solely on physical sensitivity and sensorial mind awareness. It does not develop techniques for dealing with particular situations; which just create another habit. Through the learning process, (which is merely to recognize and realize, not to accumulate or imitate) the student begins to understand how “mental and physical” affect each other and starts to develop the skill to unify and coordinate them.

The student needs to recognize the six physical points and three mental factors in the training system. You train through the process of understanding your muscular movement, body structure (skeletal, ligaments and tendons, incorporating chi (energy) and your mental process. Relaxation is an essential component of the art. Relaxation contains the process of looseness, softness, elasticity, and fa jing (issuing power).

I Liq Chuan

As soon as an I-Liq Chuan practitioner touches an opponent’s hands or body, he can feel instantly where the opponent’s weight and center of gravity is and what strike or technique the opponent is going to use. Ultimately, the I-Liq Chuan practitioner is able to sense the opponent’s intention without contact, through awareness. He can redirect the force and use it against the opponent or incorporate the use of fa jing (energy release strikes) depending on the threat level.

It is the mind that leads and the body that follows. When you are trying to move your opponent, first lead his mind before you move his body. By trying to move your opponent with brute force alone his body feels heavy and you have to exert a lot of energy. The mind has neither weight nor volume. If the art of leading the mind is mastered, a woman or a child can easily defeat a large powerful man. By leading your opponent’s mind, he leads his own body movement. He defeats himself.

Originally I-Liq Chuan had no training forms. At first the system only contained specialized sticky hands practice, its resulting sensitivities, and Chi Kung. The system has expanded and includes two training forms. Applications are still learned from the sticky hand practice; which is based on the “inner feel.” The primary emphasis of I-Liq Chuan is awareness, which develops in time through diligent practice and the understanding of the I-Liq Chuan philosophy.

An I-Liq Chuan student is taught from form to become formless. There are no fixed moves. Every move is based on what the condition is and what move is appropriate for those conditions. You can only use your own energy appropriately and precisely when you are merging with an opponent’s energy at every moment. The art is a tool to show you who you are and what the nature is. It is not for the purpose of building the art as a system.