Hwarang Word Identity

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The word and the characters of the Hwarang are generic letters and they are not a martial art name. However, the word and the characters for the martial art Hwa Rang Do are related to the name of a specific martial art identity founded by Dr. Joo Bang Lee. The importance of this relationship between a martial art and its name is connected to the total traditional identity of that present particular martial art instructional name.

This means that the name of a martial art is the representation of a specific martial art instructional business identity, and cannot be used for any other martial art style’s identification. This is like the names of the movie industry, Universal Studios or Paramount Pictures. The Hwarang words can be used in modern times by different business categories, like a Hwarang restaurant, a Hwarang soccer team, or a Hwarang store. But it cannot be used by any martial art instructional businesses because our martial art is internationally trademarked and we have the registered right to protect our name throughout the world.

This is our notice to the public that any other marital art businesses cannot use our name for their school names. Examples of illegal use of our identity’s name are, Hwarang, Hwarangdo, Hwarang musool, Hwarang muyea, Hwarang mudo or in any combination with another martial art names such as Hwarang Tae Kwon Do, Hwarang Hapkido, etc. Also, our Hwa Rang Do never gives permission to use an individual’s personal name with our Hwa Rang Do name.

Using a personal name in conjunction with a martial art name is a denial of the same family of that martial art, and also makes it easy for these instructors to break away from their tradition. For example, companies do not use these types of personal names because all employees are working for the ideals and success of that company. That is why we do not have bracnches of these business identites that use names like Kim’s Universal Studios or Mike’s Paramount Pictures.

Because of this, the titles of our academies use the name of the city of the school added to Hwa Rang Do. For example schools are called Hwa Rang Do Academy of Madison, WI, or Hwa Rang Do Academy of Arcata, CA. Similar to the names of our academies, all other countries use the name of their country as a chapter of the World Hwa Rang Do Association. For example they would be called the Korean chapter of the World Hwa Rang Do Association or the German chapter of the World Hwa Rang Do Association. This way there is only one governing organization for Hwa Rang Do throughout the entire world.

This organization is controlled by the Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters which is located in Do Joo Nim’s living area. Some reasons for these polices is also because of the rise in disrespectful and dishonorable martial artists who have made their own kwan, won, organizations and as well as their own fake styles using the same techniques as their original system.

These fake “creations” then go by the maiden name of these people (example: Kim’s Hwa Rang Do Association). The individuals who have done this were expelled or betrayed their original art, and are now only damaging and destroying their art’s honor and identity. So we have this rule to protect our art from those who were expelled by breaking the rules of our tradition, as well as others who have damaged our strong sense of familyship, and who do not respect martial art loyalty.

The history of Hwa Rang Do is very unique, and the introduction of its concepts and techniques to the public is the result of one man’s vision. Our founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee is the one and only source of this system in the world, and without him nobody would know these skills. Nobody was even using the martial art name Hwa Rang Do before him. Please keep this in mind as you read this history, because the tradition of this martial art follows the traditional ways of a martial art.

This means that principles of human morality are extremely important to its practitioners. Principles such as honor, loyalty, respect, and duty are the integral components that create the quality and integrity of our martial art identity. That is why there is one governing organization in the world of our martial art, the World Hwa Rang Do Association and the one Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters.

It is this organization and world headquarters that certifies all schools, masters, and instructors as well as creating policies that ensure our identity is not dishonored. An example of this, is the World Hwa Rang Do association has registered an international trademark and copyright of our martial art Hwa Rang Do, which means any aspect of our art cannot be used without permission. This includes our name, techniques, uniforms, concepts, etc.