Hurricane Combat Arts

Hurricane Combat Arts is an eclectic mixed martial art / street combatives system which blends tools, theories and concepts from JKD/Wing Chun & Choy Lee Fut Gung Fu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Indonesian Pentjak Silat Serak, with American and Russian military H2H combative concepts.

There are no forms, kata, or sport tournament techniques, just straight up dirty & practical street survival martial arts. The practitioner is first taught basic theories, footwork, camming, and striking weapons(Tools) of the body. They next learn to blend these with natural reactive “Primary Moves” & entries against all angles of attack, followed with multiple strikes, levers & combinations, that flow into finishing moves of temporary detainments or total destruction.

The student then discovers different methods of blending these elements, being able to counterattack with aggressive, naturally reactive moves, based on the opponents attacks and reactions. Instead of being taught memorized set pattern techniques, the practitioner learns to read weaknesses & manipulate human biomechanics, allowing the practitioner to create “techniques” instinctively.

Advanced students are introduced to knife fighting, weapons use & defenses, basic Mook Jong(Wooden Dummy) and Iron Palm conditioning. The goal of the Hurricane practitioner, is to destroy or detain an attacker within the first few seconds of contact, utilizing maximum impact with minimal effort.

All fighting styles have something to offer, and all have their strengths and weaknesses, and those strengths and weaknesses are dependent on the individual, not the style.

Frank Monsalve is a martial arts instructor who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the head instructor and founder of the Hybrid martial art Hurricane Combat Arts.

Hurricane Combat Arts was designed for military, executive protection/bodyguard and reality street defense. It is built on the theories of Russian Systema, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Indonesian Pentjak Silat Serak and American military hand-to-hand combative concepts. Hurricane is informal, no uniforms, kata, or tournament techniques are employed.

The Hurricane Combat Arts Academy (HCAA) is located in Las Vegas, Nevada with affiliate schools in Texas and outside of the U.S. a school in Sweden.

Monsalve has over 3 decades of Martial Arts experience. He first started his training in Hung Ga Kuen Gung fu when he was eleven years old under Moc Kan Sent in Miami, Florida.

He currently holds the rank of 5th degree black belt in American Taiho-Jitsu under Alan Cunningham, 4th dan black belt in kempo under Gary Dill, 2nd black sash in Hung Ga Kuen Gung Fu, and Sifu in Wing Chun Gung Fu under Jiun Yi.

Monsalve is currently working as an entertainment security consultant and also as Chief of Security & Risk Management for MRE/KP Properties. He gives instruction of the Hurricane Combat Arts system to private students in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as conducting seminars for law enforcement, military, security personnel, state employees, and self defense instructors and students from across the United States and around the world.