Hup Kwon Do

Hup Kwon Do, founded by Lim Ching Sing was developed from Taekwondo. He left his original teacher Choi Hong Hi and became affiliated with Choi Kwang Do whose style was more fluid than Taekwondo. Hupkwondo is a synthesis of what he learned from these men.

HupKwonDo is as deadly and as delicate as nature itself. It is as exquisite as a flower, as beauiful as ballet, as natural as breathing in and out.

Hup Kwon Do takes the techniques we learned in Taekwon-do and refines and expands upon them to give us a unique new high energy system of exercise, personal development and practical self-defence training for real life in our fast paced, high stress modern world.

The techniques and training methods of HupKwonDo are not just designed to look good in demonstrations or score points in the competitive arena. They are designed for real life, for your whole life. They will help you keep fit and feel good about yourself. In the unlikely event that you are physically threatened, they will hone your reactions and equip you to avoid, deflect, escape and, if necessary, to strike back quickly, effectively and with devastating power. Our fluid movements replace traditional stances and full extension kicks and punches with smoother, more natural, practical, follow through techniques without sacrificing power or effectiveness.

But what distinguishes HupKwonDo from other martial arts is more than just a different approach to kicking and punching. First and foremost, as epitomized by the founder, Grand Master Lim Ching Sing, is our inclusive approach to our students and to martial arts in general. Everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical ability can benefit from HupKwonDo, and HupKwonDo can benefit by learning and incorporating ideas and techniques from the current vast array of martial arts.

Secondly, and equally important, is our recognition that the world around us is changing daily at a dizzying pace, and that we, too, must be open change, to adapt and evolve in order to remain relevant and effective. No martial art or exercise program can guarantee results, but we can give you the tools, which, combined with your own determination and effort, can help you achieve your goals, whether they be fitness, self-defence skills or even greater heights.

HupKwonDo is as graceful as a dance but powerful enough to desvastate opponents. Like the great Muhammed Ali, HupKwonDo will teach you to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Many martial arts are useless in real life and death situations. HupKwonDo prepares you for the street, not just the classroom or the competitive arena. In a real fight, every second count. Most attacks last under one minute. There is no time to assume the “proper” stance stance and strike the perfect pose? Form is meaningless when someone takes a real life swing at you. That spinning back kick that looks so good in the tournament ring will leave you wide open.

That rigid, stiff style will leave you tied up in knots and impede the speed and flexibility which may save your life. Those punches your training has conditioned you to pull will not exert the force necessary to drop your opponent. Welcome to the real world!

With HupKwonDo your training will never work against you in this way. From the very beginning you are trained to triumph because HupKwonDo was designed for self-defense that works on the street. We don’t train you to impress judges of win tournaments. Our aim is simple: an effective means of defending yourself in a real life situation.

You will learn to move in fast, strike hard and move out. You won’t expose yourself as a martial artist with artificial stances or poses. Your assailant will be on the ground, wondering what hit him before he realizes he had made the mistake of attacking a real martial artist, secure and confident in his or her skills.

HupKwonDo is a holistic discipline. Who you are is just as important as what you can do. You spiritual and moral development are equally important. The qualities spelled out in our tenets are vital in their significance:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Control
  • Humility
  • Discipline
  • Courage

No one receives promotions into higher belt levels without displaying these qualities. HupKwonDo is definitely concerned with physical skills, but the spirit and character behind those skills, especially for the young. In the event of a conflict, HupKwonDo trains you to prevail — not necessarily by devastating your opponent. With the maturity and self-confidence fostered by HupKwonDo, if should rarely, if ever, be necessary to resort to violence. Insecurity leads to violence. HupKwonDo develops secure, disciplined, well-rounded individuals who are also, as a last resort, well-equipped to protect themselves in a physical confrontation.

The History of HupKwonDo : After many years as a member of the Taekwon-do community, Grandmaster Lim became dissatisfied. He began to wonder about some of the limitations he had discovered with certain conventional forms. While he appreciated the great input of his previous masters, whom he still highly respects, he began to long for something new, something he could call his own.

Grandmaster Lim’s pioneer spirit led him to leave General Choi and look for new channels and so he became affiliated with Choi Kwang Do. This was a departure for Grandmaster Lim. Compared to the rigid jarring movements of Taekwon-do, Choi Kwang Do was a little more fluid and liberating. Yet this was still not enough.

Grandmaster Lim began to experiment. He developed a different way of punching and kicking that was more compact and less stressful on the joints. He found that he could get as much or more power by not hyper-extending his blows but by following through shorter, more natural strikes. This innovative way of attack was not only more powerful but much quicker.

Soon, Grandmaster Lim began to incorporate the same concept into defensive maneuvers and blocks. Instead of deflecting strikes, power for power, with hard, abrupt interference, he chose to use softer, fluid movements that were just as effective and hurt the defender less. In time, a system was developed that was lightning fast, explosive and painful only to the opponent.

Foot movement was the next phase. To supplement the punches more foot movement was allowed. Now, you could continue to drive your adversary back with as many steps as was necessary. Each combination of punches was matched by an appropriate number of steps for maximum power. You could now move in on your opponent and strike repeatedly with an endless flurry of punches and kicks. The only thing we can think of that compares is being pelted by a machine gun.

Patterns were invented that beautifully combined defense and attack. Every conceivable combination of kicks, punches and blocks was featured in movements that struck out in eight directions. Now one could defend and attack in any direction without missing a beat. You could move back and forth, in and out, round and round without ever being vulnerable. It was incredibly easy to adjust from offense to defense. All could be done in the blink of an eye without ever being out of position.

This new art was made for real situations. It is an art for the streets. True and effective self-defense that gets you out of trouble in a hurry and stops even the most seasoned street fighter.