Hong Cha

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Hong Cha Kung Fu is a southern Chinese martial arts style that incorporates training and techniques that are characteristic of that region. Some of these characteristics are short-range kicks and punches, low stances, and ground fighting. Few kicks are utilized with greater emphasis on hand techniques. Because of these traits, Hong Cha is similar to Hung Gar, another style of Kung Fu.

Like Hung Gar and many Chinese martial arts styles, Hong Cha techniques are mainly influenced by the movements of the Five Animals system: Dragon, Tiger, Crane, Leopard, and Snake. Additionally, training incorporates both hard and soft techniques with emphasis on proper breathing technique.

Each animal performed has its own unique breath and sound. Hung Gar incorporates these animals too but with primary emphasis on the Tiger and Crane. Hong Cha on the other hand puts primary emphasis on the Dragon and Tiger. Additionally, both Hong Cha and Hung Gar incorporate the Five Elements (fire, water, wood, metal, and earth). Notable practicioners of Hong Cha are the late Grandmaster Lao Kim, Johnny Chiuten, and Rene Navarro.