Haak Lung Chuan Fa

Haak Lung Chuan-Fa (Black Dragon Fist Method) often referred to simply as “Haak Lung” is an American-born complete Martial Arts system developed and led by Professor H.A. Gitlin and centered around practical close-quarters combat. The art is heavily influenced and largely based upon traditional Chinese Martial Arts philosophy and technique (as indicated by the name, which is Chinese in origin).

The first element of training is, in fact, almost completely based within traditional hard-style Chinese technique. Training later evolves from hard-style to soft-style. Technique in general is based on a “use what works” philosophy, and as such practitioners and students commonly describe any combative move or technique which is effective as “Haak Lung”. Haak Lung is thus an organic and ever-changing system, with large influences from Muay Thai, various Kung-Fu styles, and Karate to name only a few.

Within the Haak Lung Chuan-Fa fighting system are several weapons systems, specifically the use of a short-stick (influenced by Escrima), Karambit (specifically the “Gitlin Karambit” which serves as the signature weapon of Haak Lung), and a Knife-Fighting system called “Bei Shao-Fa” or “Hidden Knife Method”. The Hidden Knife Method is a total knife-fighting system based in speed, stealth, and deception. The knife is not used in any form of display, and ideally the opponent is not even aware that there is a knife until they have been cut.

The key to Haak Lung fighting is practicality and speed, and fighting takes place “on the inside”, making knees and elbows of particular importance. A fight conducted in the Haak Lung spirit should last no longer than 3.5 seconds, and preferrably less. This is because of the practical nature of the system, which emphasizes the possibility (and perhaps inevitability) of multiple opponents who may not be initially identified.