Gatka Requirements

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There are four major interlinking areas that require development for any Gatka practitioner: Physical; Technical; Mental; Spiritual.

Physical: Gatka is not overly demanding in terms of physical strength, which allows women and children to be equals in its practice. One must have strong stamina and flexibility, but muscular strength is not a requirement. The secret of Gatka technique lies in its free and flowing movement, hence the need for flexibility and stamina.

Techincal: Gatka technique is not difficult to pick up – there are relatively few set movements which a student encounters in the initial stages. It is for this reason that Gatka was easily picked up by the young warriors of the past and used effectively in battle.

Advanced students do also practice the set movement techniques, but since the techniques quickly manifest themselves in the students’ natural movement patterns it is not necessary to continually cover the same ground. It is important for any martial artist to manifest the technique of their art into their natural movement in order for the art to be fully utilised when needed.

Mental: For advanced students, more importance is placed on achieving mental stability and alertness. Good physical conditioning and technique are of little use if one is not mentally prepared for the challenges one faces during a fight situation. A student’s mind must be competely focussed on the task at hand, free of all irrelevant worries, desires, concerns and hopes.

Gatka Dance in Motion

A good Gatka practitioner is often spotted by the nature of his or her personality and attitude. Ego has no place in the mind of a warrior, it is a disabling virus. Complete surrender of the mind (to God) must occur before the ills of the mind can be cleared.

Morally, one must be of high standards so that one feels confident and compassionate during an encounter.

Spiritual : Mind conditioning can only take one so far – thereafter spiritual practice is essential to completely calm and enhance the mind, allowing for faster processing of information that is received via the five senses and instincts.

Spiritually, the practice of Sikh teachings is encouraged in order to achieve the greatest strength of spirit. Elated spirits helps one to fight courageously. Previously unknown techniques manifest themselves in the art of the warrior whose spirits run high towards the ultimate Spirit of God.