Combat 56

Combat 56 is the name of a combat technique invented by Major Arkadiusz Kups, a Polish former commando of the elite GROM unit. The technique is named for a troop of elites, the 56th Company, who were trained to maneuver behind enemy lines.

Major Kups came up with the idea to develop a system for close combat techniques that could be learned quickly. The emphasis is placed on attacking the soft and vulnerable parts of the human body and utilizing natural impulses in order to protect oneself against attacks. This martial art was turned into a sport, not unlike judo.

The Founder Major Arkadiusz Kups: Military man career, after graduating from University Military Mechanised Infantry, an elite battalion began the assault on the island of Wolin Dziwnow. There, as commander of Task Force carries out the training program, including mountain climbing, skiing, parachuting, scuba divers, minerstwo, shooting, special and school exclusion.

High performance personal training Competitions definite influence was addressing areas such sports as swimming, Powerlifting and javelin. Continued his military career in 1956 in which the Company Special later be the head of training.

Introduces use of unconventional training methods based on the principle that the commander always goes first”. Brings the level of training of special groups of individuals to their true professionalism is proving repeatedly. In the early ’90s for the purpose of creating special units utilitarian contact fighting system that was the premise for the rapid elimination of the enemy. Using our own experience (Korean Kyoksul, judo, training patterns SWAT, SAS, Spetsnaz) and other combat systems developed contact Combat System.

System techniques are designed primarily for the elimination and were directed to a narrow group of special formations. After the dissolution of the Special Company 56 and other similar structures in the country goes to Kups Air Cavalry Division in 1925 where she is training one of the regiments.

While developing its own fighting system that is evolving toward intervention techniques, combat marksmanship, safety techniques and other fields. In order to commemorate a disbanded unit and to distinguish from many other followers of the system assumes the name of the 56th Combat

In 1999 he received at the hands of the Minister of National Defence prestigious prize for niepozorność and odwagÄ™”-baton. Then it decides to move away from service. After transferring to the reserve sits on the Foundation’s Board of Former Soldiers of Special Forces Grom, then deals with the protection of one of the influential businessmen.

He has dozens of specialized publications in the store Commando, POLISH PRIVATE, REVIEW Army, as well as the field of security in such magazines as CKM, CAR and other VIPs. With his training services have benefited all major formations in our country special.