Choy Gar Rat Kung Fu

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Rat Kung Fu, Choy Gar Kuen or Caijia Quan is a Chinese martial art that was invented by Choy Gau Lee. The original techniques were developed in the Shaolin Temple. Somewhere in Southern China, a variety of Snake Kung Fu was modified to include lower stances and swifter footwork. Choy Gau Lee added more kicks to his style, thereby differentiating some of its longer range techniques from those of its Snake Kung Fu origin, and calling this new style Rat Kung Fu.

Choy gar was founded by Choy Gau Lee and developed in southern China. It is a self-defense style that practices low stances and swift footwork like that of the rat. The body and arms are meant to resemble the quick attacking movements of the snake.

The low stance and power in the techniques, will in time, develop an inner strength within the practitioner. This is the basic foundation for creating effective movements, abilities and actions of the body.
Only through this can one truly understand the wide range of Kung Fu techniques and it’s distinctive character.

The philosophy behind Kung Fu is, in the east, of great significance. For many students, the training is like an upbringing and in everyday life. Morals and traditions taught in Kung Fu help to mold their characters.

Freedom begins exactly at the point when we have mastered our free will and have controlled our own actions. It is here that good and bad join the game. Our attitude towards nature and each other is a conscious act of will, selfish or unselfish, bad or good.

It is easy to bend the body but very hard to bend a strong will. Real knowledge is to know what you don’t know and know that you don’t know what you don’t know. If we cannot live together with other human beings, with whom shall we then live? The person who engages in violence shows that he/she has not acquired real knowledge.

It is very important that the person who practices Kung Fu merges with his/her attitude and morals. A person with bad morals and a bad attitude towards life will not achieve many goals. Morality is a way of thinking and a way of living. In every minute of your life, through hard work, training, eating, sleeping and a thousand of other activities, morality molds your character.

Five important things make a Kung fu practitioner strong:

  • humanity
  • respect
  • loyalty
  • trustworthiness
  • justice

All of this is the beginning to a high level of humbleness and the path to your own growth. Humbleness opens all doors to heaven and is an essential part of your own learning. Humbleness opens all doors to knowledge and you will start to understand your own development and strive for further growth, resulting in a physically and mentally strong will.

Practice with will and awareness, then all emotions will surely remain calm. You must never forget that you are your own master in all situations. You should see and control your own mind instead of the opponent controlling you. Many people rely more on the thought of death than on the thought of life.

When you start blaming your failures on others, then you have failed. You do not need to have enemies. If someone turns out to be unfriendly and unjust towards you, you simply do not have to recognize him. Deny all unfriendliness. Meet everyone as good friends and you will not have to ask who you will meet with civility.