Choho Intelligence

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Choho (諜報), literally meaning “secret information” or “intelligence”, is the art of espionage, and one of the 18 fundamental skills of the Togakure-ryÅ« school of ninjutsu. It was one of the most significant as the main duties of the ninja were spying and sabotage.

Choho or intelligence gathering. The ancient Ninja were masters of intelligence gathering. They used all of the other seventeen skills of the Shinobi no Juhappan in accomplishing this goal. You do not need to know much about intelligence gathering, but you do need to know something about when it might be happening to you by criminals and possibly even by terrorists.

Criminals will not be nearly as sophisticated as spies or terrorists, but they can be quite skilled; and the ways to defeat the best people in intelligence are even more successful on those who do not know what they are doing. Once again, the greatest skill you need is observation (including awareness and your feelings) to see if you are being followed or observed. The first thing you have to keep in mind about being surveilled is to know when you are being watched. If you think you are being followed on foot, you can use one of several methods to test for foot surveillance.

If you think you are being followed in a car, you can do similar things to test for surveillance, or there are some things you can do specifically for vehicles. Either way, if you find you are being followed, do not tip off that you know until you are ready. If you let the people know you know you are being followed, they may react at a time you are not in a position of advantage.

The better course of action is to just know you are being followed and put them in a position that they cannot move without thinking they will be caught. Keep moving until you can take the actions you want to take in a way that guarantees the outcome – keep the element of surprise on your side and take action when they are not expecting it.