Black Tiger Kung Fu

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Shaolin Shandong Black Tiger Kung Fu (黑虎拳, Hei Hu Quan, black tiger fist) is a northern Chinese martial art which originated in Shandong Province.

Techniques: It is characterised by its extensive footwork (similar to Shaolin Southern Eagle), acrobatic kicks, low, wide stances, and unique fist position (where the thumb is curled in the same manner as the other fingers, rather than wrapped around them).

According to the Shaolin Grandmasters’ text the style is the single most external style in the Shaolin canon; the longer the stylist practices, however, the more she or he comes to rely solely on internal power. In this respect it is similar to Northern Praying Mantis.

Origins: The traditional lineage of the system begins with master Wang Zhenyuan in the late nineteenth-century; but the style was originally formed at the Shaolin Henan Temple before being transferred to Wang.
The style was then passed from Wang Zhenyuan to Wang Zijiu, then to Wang Zhixiao, and finally to Su Fuyuan (Cantonese: Souw Hok Gwan). Currently Shandong Black Tiger is actively taught in the Netherlands and Indonesia.

The founder of Hak Fu Mun was Soo Chi Er, aka Soo Hak Fu of the ” Ten Tigers Of Canton” (Kwangtung Sup Fu) Fame. Soo Chi Er was a disciple of Shaolin monk Sam Tak. Sam Tak’s kungfu was fantastic, He specialized in the Tiger Style.

Sam Tak was the abbot of the famous Sai Sim Tzi (Xi Chan Si, “West Zen Temple”) in Canton Pun Yu county, Kwangtung province, China.

Soo Chi Er created Hak Fu Mun from 17 different styles that he had trained and learned over his lifetime. Soo Chi Er passed his knowledge onto Siu Tak a Shaolin monk who later passed his knowledge to Fung Ping-Wai. Fung Ping Wai later passed on this knowledge to the styles fithh and final Grand master Wong Cheung, aka Kut Shuin. Wong Cheung started his kung fu journey at age 8, he was learning “Tit Sin Kuen “, the Iron Wire Form of Hung Kuen, from his grandfather. At the age of 10, Wong contracted small pox and was sent to Dr. Leung Shu Cha.

After he recovered, he stayed with Dr. Cha for some time and learned the “108 plum-blossom dummy” and the “9-armed grinder dummy.”At the age of 14, Wong went to Canton where he secretly watched Dr. Fu Man (brother of Fu Cheng Sung of Iron Palm) practice Dragon Pa Kwa. After being found out, Fu agreed to teach Wong this style.

At the age of 19, Wong arrived in Hong Kong. A co-worker saw Wong practicing with his staff and, borrowing it and imitating Wong’s technique, broke it in 2. It turned out that this co-worker, Fung Ping-Wai, was a monk who had returned to “worldly life.” Fung had studied under the founder of Black Tiger Soo Chi Er, and he taught this style to Wong for 3 years.

Wong also studied under Kwong Ken Chen, a disciple of Wong Fei Hung. He studied Chi Kung under Cheung Loy and Lee Kow. He studied weapons under Pun Fei San, learning to use the 18 standard weapons and a number of others. In 1928, he set up a school in Hong Kong and, after the war, moved across the harbor to Kowloon.

Among the many forms are elements of most animal and family styles, as well as chin na and drunken boxing. Grandmaster Wong Cheung was the 5th Grandmaster of Black Tiger Style. Sifu Fred Woo was the Chairman of The Black Tiger Assocation in Hong Kong under Grandmaster Wong Cheung his Sifu.